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Brand Communications Strategy

There are messages and then there are message strategies. It’s not enough to ‘say the right thing,’ to frame your point of view, your promise, in the right words—as important as that is. Questions of deployment—timing, audience, and medium—are equally important.

BrandingBusiness™, in addition to crafting inventive, relevant, precise messages—in the form of BrandLines™, Positioning Statements, Value Propositions, Core Statements and Corporate Values, and all manner of business copy—develops message matrices that choreograph their implementation.

The messaging matrix is a tool that helps companies to manage all dimensions of message strategy and deployment: it identifies key audiences; assigns specific messages accordingly; provides guidance as to how to adjust a given message by adapting its style vocabulary, and/or content to industry vernacular; it recommends message sequences, time-to-deployment (‘time release’); and appropriate media channels.

Messages address the ‘What?’ Messaging Strategies cover ‘When?,’ ‘Where?,’ ‘How?,’ and ‘Why?’ and thus provide the most comprehensive form of guidance as to how to strategically manage your Brand Voice.

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