Katey Osborn

Senior Brand Manager

Katey is a creative leader who brings together people and details to facilitate project success. As Senior Brand Manager for BrandingBusiness, Katey draws on over 20 years of experience in project management, design and research, offering her dedication and passion to bring out the best in others and achieve results.

Katey enjoys developing ideas and working with people to deliver positive outcomes and effective solutions.  A planner and a designer, she likes to build systems that are organized and harmonious.  Prior to managing projects at BrandingBusiness, Katey was a Designer for Gensler, where she designed commercial interiors for Netflix, Microsoft and Capital Group. She previously managed projects for The Walt Disney Company and International Creative Management and performed best practices marketing research, publishing reports on corporate marketing strategies for the Corporate Executive Board, now Gartner.

Katey earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania. She is certified in Interior Design from KLC School of Design in London and in Paralegal Studies from University of California, Los Angeles. Outside of building relationships and brands, she loves to run, hike, surf and ski with her husband and two daughters.