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A Wireless came to BrandingBusiness as Verizon’s largest retail partner – now operating over 1,100 store locations across 46 states. Backed by private equity group Lone Star and in support of its aggressive growth strategy, the company had just completed three significant acquisitions in 2016: Z Wireless, 4G Wireless and Diamond Wireless. These acquisitions and the company’s rapid growth had created a need for a powerful employer brand that would bring the combined organization together under one vision, one culture, and one name. BrandingBusiness undertook a comprehensive and rigorous set of research streams to understand the market’s dynamics, segments needs and cultural differences across the different companies. The resulting brand positioning platform, core statements, brand name, and powerful identity system became the foundation of the new company, the blueprint of an inspiring new destination. Forged from the concept of the combined organization’s winning culture, Victra was born.


Mobile technologies have transformed the way people live, work, learn, travel, shop, and stay connected. As Verizon’s largest retail partner, Victra is at the heart of the mobile age, empowering guests to live better lives by expertly connecting them with the right products and solutions in a caring, fun, and trustworthy manner. It was up to BrandingBusiness to infuse this concept into the hearts and minds of employees across the organization. Understanding the reality that Verizon is the guest-facing brand, Victra stands as an energetic backdrop – driving how the company recruits, educates and empowers its people to succeed every day.


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To hammer home just how crucial and impactful the new brand will be to the company’s collective future, Victra asked BrandingBusiness to lead the effort to effectively launch and educate employees on what Victra means – and more importantly, what it means to them. In addition to designing and producing all of the launch event assets and materials (including banners, presentations, videos, 3D displays, etc.), BrandingBusiness also aided in the creation of new, updated recruiting, onboarding and training materials that would serve to educate employees for years to come. The future for mobile is an exciting one, and we rest assured that Victra will be at the forefront. 


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