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"Hero" branding drives an emotional spirit.

Background / Challenge
When BrandingBusiness and Survivair became partners, the objective was clear—to become the number-one brand of breathing protection equipment for firefighters.

Strategic Insights
In the beginning, Survivair was a small contender competing against big, established brands such as 3M, Scott and MSA. After conducting extensive research and account planning, BrandingBusiness discovered an untapped brand position and brand strategy that would change the way firefighters viewed the company and product, forever. The strategy was to create a “Hero” brand that reflected the emotional spirit that drives firefighters, and the concept was implemented through a series of dramatic, visually stunning brand campaigns.

It didn’t take long for Survivair to achieve its goal. The photography style and original action shots we produced quickly became a visual mantra for firefighters—our posters were proudly displayed in fire stations throughout the nation. Survivair became an affinity brand that not only grew market share but grew in the hearts and minds of its audience.


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