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Branding a new technology start-up for success.

Skywell is a start-up based in Santa Monica, California. It offers a machine that creates clean, fresh drinking water from the air around it using only electricity – no plumbing required. Competing in the category of atmospheric water generators (machines that condense humidity in the air to produce water), the company needed a brand strategy to effectively launch a superior product and distance itself from low quality competitors who were contributing to skepticism of the technology’s viability.

Positioned against bottled water deliveries, single use bottles and filtration systems, the technology could be adapted to serve multiple audiences. As a startup however, prioritizing the target market, developing a relevant brand position, and defining a succinct launch strategy was paramount.

Strategy & Execution
Research identified business offices as the greatest initial opportunity. Potential and existing beta customers revealed that the intrigue of Skywell’s new technology is one of the product’s greatest selling points. As a freestanding machine, the product could be placed in conference rooms or front lobbies and make a positive statement as a premium, environmentally friendly appliance.

To create acceptance of this new way to think about drinking water, the term Air Water became the new category definition. The company and product name was changed to Skywell and is supported by the BrandLine, “A glass of fresh air”. As a memorable and creative play on words, the brand promise of high quality drinking water, and an environmentally superior solution is emphasized. A visually distinctive identity and provocative yet informative communications platform helped solidify Skywell’s position as a premium, innovative solution for the future of drinking water.

The Skywell brand and product launch occurred in mid-September 2014. The powerful brand story and comprehensive marketing plan are designed to position Skywell as a premium product, creating distance from poorly branded and disreputable competitors. More about Skywell can be found on their website:

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