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Background / Challenge
Singer Lewak Greenbaum and Goldstein (SLGG) was established in 1959 as a certified public accounting firm in Santa Ana, California. Over the years, the firm expanded its service offering to include management consulting, increased its roster of partners to 27, opened multiple offices and developed expertise within several categories and industries. By 2008 SLGG found itself competing for business with the “Big 4” accounting firms (Ernst & Young, Deloitte, PriceWaterhousecoopers, and KPMG). Behind a growth plan for regional expansion, the partners realized a clear brand strategy was necessary to position the firm against the Big 4 and unite the expanding enterprise.

Strategic Insights
Customers valued the personal attention of the partners that the Big 4 could not offer, but the lack of awareness, differentiation and the security of a “brand name’ was hampering its competitiveness. There was also confusion, internally and externally, about the name itself. The firm was using the formal name Singer Lewak Greenbaum and Goldstein and SLGG in marketing materials. The marketplace, however, referred to them as “Singer Lewak” which reflected the growing trend of professional service firms moving to a shorter, more memorable name.

The firm’s evolving culture accepted the recommended name evolution and subsequent corporate identity to reflect a more upscale and current image. The brand promise was built upon the “big firm” experience of the partners along with the council and attention that only a mid-size firm could deliver. Internally the brand initiative united the organization under one clear vision and culture. To date, the firm has achieved significant growth through a consistent and relevant message, properly positioning them against the limitations of the large international firms.

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