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Modernizing the world’s largest employee owned dairy company.

Schreiber Foods is the world’s largest employee owned dairy company. It has grown from its origins as a single cheese production facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to become a $5 billion global enterprise ranking 88 on Forbes list of America’s largest private companies. 

In mid-2014 Schreiber stood at the threshold of a transformational future. A strategic acquisition had given the company entre to the giant European yogurt market, and it was about to move into a new 260,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and global technology center in downtown Green Bay.

CEO Mike Haddad’s direction to BrandingBusiness was clear and aspirational: “Our brand must reflect our values, inspire our people and position us as a modern, global company.”

Although Schreiber supplies some of most recognized food brands and retailers in the world, the Schreiber brand is invisible to the public. It is truly an ingredient in the success of its customers’ brands. The Schreiber brand is rooted in the culture of the company and is lived and delivered by more than 7,000 employees who, as employee-owners, each has a personal stake in the success of customers and the company.

Strategic Insights
The deep pride and inspirational customer ethos of the Schreiber employees became the brand driver for our thinking. We developed “The Essential Ingredient” a strategic communications theme that captures the spirit of Schreiber and defines the Schreiber brand – that unique, extra dimension of innovation and service that Schreiber delivers customers along with its high quality dairy products.

A new visual identity system that reflects the global status of the company elevates the brand to the same world class stature as those of its customers. It enshrines the Schreiber values of ownership, caring, partnership, continuous improvement and unwavering commitment to its customers to improve their business performance.

“BrandingBusiness had a real challenge on their hands,” said Mike Haddad. “The Schreiber brand is invisible in the traditional sense of a brand. Our brand is made tangible by our culture. We are a part of our customers’ brand and an ingredient in their success, and that focus has been the bedrock of our success.”

“BrandingBusiness delivered insights, thinking and creativity that gave us a fresh way of thinking about ourselves and the voice to tell our story to the world in a powerfully authentic way.”

Scope of Work

• Brand Audit, Evaluation and Benchmarking
• Analysis of Existing Research
• Primary Qualitative Research
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Essence
• Visual Brand Expression
• Visual Brand Guidelines
• Brand Voice Guidelines
• Employee Engagement Training
• Online/Digital Experience Redesign
• Ongoing Brand Strategy Consulting

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