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A new positioning for growth and differentiation.

Background / Challenge
For over 50 years, the Volunteer Center of Orange County—better known as VCOC—was known primarily for connecting volunteers with business and non-profits. But in recent years, the organization had successfully expanded into additional business offerings and profit centers that generated significant growth and new types of customers. No longer just a volunteer center, VCOC had outgrown its name. The challenge was to carry forward VCOC’s positive brand equity and create a new positioning for further growth and differentiation.

Strategic Insight
We began by crafting a winning business strategy. We preached focus, focus, focus. This approach, along with guided work sessions with the executive team, led to a strategy and brand position unlike any other offering in the market. The idea centered around three imperatives: 1) Focus on non-profits and build everything around them. 2) Don’t try to be everything to everybody—which led to a commitment to serving Orange County, not beyond, and 3) Create a vision and a collaborative approach to bring the community leaders together for long-term sustainability.

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere. During one of our strategic sessions,
our group landed on a naming solution that would change the face of the organization—we would leave VCOC behind and transform into OneOC. The name captured the strategic essence and unified the organization and its offering at once. We created its brand identity, a new vocabulary and a website that stands out as the best in its industry.

“OneOC’s tagline is ‘Accelerating Nonprofit Success.’ BrandingBusiness has done just that for us.” -Daniel McQuaid, President & CEO


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