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Built on more than 20 years of market research experience, MFour Mobile Research had a clear goal: design the best platform, recruit the most diverse panel and deliver the highest-quality mobile market research in the world. With superior technology and GPS tracking, MFour allows research professionals to access large numbers of consumers at the point-of-emotion – the instant they experience a product or service – for more accurate and experiential feedback.

As a relatively new and quickly growing methodology, mobile research represents a significant opportunity, and traditional market research companies were scrambling to prove their own mobile capabilities. MFour needed a refreshed brand to leverage its experience in the market research industry while displaying its thought leadership and commitment to innovative methodologies.

Strategy & Execution
BrandingBusiness conducted primary brand research with current and potential customers and performed an in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape. Our brand process discovered large competitors who claim mobile expertise while performing primarily desktop-centric research, confusing the marketplace and creating slow adoption to the new medium. BrandingBusiness also uncovered enthusiastic clients who recognized MFour as the industry’s only established market research firm focused exclusively on mobile.

BrandingBusiness helped MFour refocus their brand strategy on their expertise and the unique benefits of their mobile research methodologies. MFour’s new BrandLine, “real insights in real time,” reinforces the brand promise of finding the hidden truth in consumer perceptions – providing practical, actionable insights that lead to better business decisions.

With a solid, foundational brand strategy in place, BrandingBusiness developed the visual identity for MFour and helped drive its application throughout various key touch points.

The refreshed brand positions MFour at the forefront of the quickly moving industry. MFour’s sleek look and value-driven brand promise are helping to establish the company as a leader in their industry. Since the brand’s launch, MFour has seen its growth revenue triple and has signed master agreements for a number of long-term deals. Clients now include General Mills, Pepsi, Clear Channel, JD Power & Associates and Disney.

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