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MC Asset Management

Hong Kong based financial services provider MC Asset Management specializes in real asset investments. The company has an impressive AUM of US$16 billion. Real assets are considered an alternative investment and include energy, real estate, transportation, private equity and debt. MC Asset Management was established to invest in essential resources to support the businesses of its parent company, Mitsubishi Corporation. As Japan’s largest trading business, Mitsubishi Corporation is active globally in financial services, machinery, chemicals, energy, metals, food and consumer goods. MC Asset Management has also developed a series of funds that enable institutional investors and others to invest in real assets. To represent its funds, the company sought an identity and presence that clearly identified it as an independently acting subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

Strategy & Execution
The initiative began by evaluating the branding and communications of Mitsubishi Corporation and its relevant subsidiaries and affiliates. The challenge was to quickly communicate MC Asset Management’s complex role and specific offerings while expressing its semi-independent relationship with Mitsubishi Corporation. It was decided to focus on the website and flow the resulting messages to other brand assets of the company. The website packs a lot of information into a few pages. Understated simple design elements, infographics and charts aid comprehension. Offerings, points of differentiation, scope of activities are all expressed with simple language. English is the language of business in HK, although not most people's first language. This required a mindful writing style that ensured messages are easily understood by non-native English speakers. 

MC Asset Management’s clear, simple, confident approach distinguishes the company among its financial services industry peers. Its contemporary engaging design also stands out among Mitsubishi Corporation’s various financial services brands. The company extended its relationship with us to provide creative branding solutions for periodic stakeholder communications.

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