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Mars Air Systems

Positioning for market growth.

Mars Air Systems is one of the largest designers and producers of commercial and industrial Air Curtains for a wide variety of applications, from drive-up windows to warehouse doors. Their products keep the interior atmosphere of the buildings in which they're installed sanitary and energy efficient by creating a barrier to outside air.

Recently coming under new ownership, Mars was poised for significant growth in the US market and had plans to expand internationally. The unfortunate reality was Mars, while still maintaining a stance as a market leader, had gained the perception in the marketplace as a “back door bug bouncer” – with their products primarily focused on keeping food areas sanitary. Mars was looking to reposition the company around the benefits of energy conservation and the creation of healthy environments. Additionally, they desired a renewed focus for the company’s expansion goals and as well as a succinct and efficient selling proposition.

Strategic Insights
Mars’ complex sales cycle and distribution system involved many levels and types of audiences, including internal and external salespeople and powerful third party purchase influencers. Mars needed a clear brand story that would appeal to all its varied audiences while inspiring its distributors, salespeople and employees at large to help the company achieve its ambitious goals.

In order to isolate Mars’ key points of differentiation, BrandingBusiness conducted a series of qualitative and quantitative research including: online employee surveys, customer/partner surveys, personal interviews with key stakeholders and a comprehensive competitive assessment. The brand research revealed that Mars carries strong associations with high quality, highly reliable products. The BrandingBusiness brand strategy team recommended a positioning that took advantage of this strong reputation and included a renewed focus on projecting an image of market leadership and thought leadership to help support the brand’s intended direction. Based on the brand positioning, BrandingBusiness assisted Mars in articulating its purpose, vision, and mission statements, and translated the strategic recommendations into a modern, dynamic brand identity representing the future of the brand direction.

Mars’ new identity accomplishes two very important goals: it maintains a visual link to the company’s legacy while enforcing a new, modern look. BrandingBusiness also developed a new tagline – “Atmosphere is Everything” – referencing Mars’ effect on indoor air quality and reinforcing its commitment to creating a friendly, positive internal culture.

With the positioning, look and feel of the brand established, BrandingBusiness aided in the brand’s formal launch by preparing stationery, collateral, a new tradeshow booth and website design consultation. After a successful internal rollout of the new brand work, Mars Air Systems launched externally to the public at the end of January 2013 during the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Expo in Dallas, Texas.



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