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Shining a new light on Oxford Consulting

Oxford Consulting, an Ohio-based IT and Business Consulting firm, retained BrandingBusiness in 2014, to explore name change and rebranding. The company had grown from a sole proprietorship in 1998, to a company in 2014 with hundreds of professionals, supporting a broad portfolio of technology services and solutions, and clients on two continents. As part of its growth path, the Company had acquired a related business in the US—Chase—and opened an office in Dublin, to serve the UK and Western Europe. The Oxford name would have encountered obvious limitations in the UK, as would the Chase name, in the United States—and beyond. Utilizing either brand asset was not a viable option. Oxford had outgrown its name. The business narrative would require a new title and a new cover. Oxford decided on a dramatic brand makeover, with a new name, and a bold visual identity. It would leverage these developments to raise awareness and re-educate the market about its true scale, capabilities, and the business value it could deliver.

Strategy & Execution
As it happened, Oxford had an impending national IBM conference event and was keen to leverage it as a platform for re-introducing itself under a new name and brand. It also presented BrandingBusiness with a very compact deadline. In response, we designed an innovative approach to the challenge: running Discovery, Strategy, and Design in close, slightly staggered parallels, with frequent touch points in between, such that name generation, identity design, and strategic insight developed synchronously, in nearly-real time. Steepening the challenge, Oxford had a strong desire for a natural name, one based on a known word with broad, positive meanings, that wouldn’t pigeonhole it into limiting business categories.

BrandingBusiness came up with Lightwell, a term from architecture, that expresses the ideas of openness and insight as well as the image of a repository of wisdom (prudent counsel), a place where light enters, pools, intensifies, and spreads. The impression was of a company of bright people, giving clear, sound, enlightened advice—a place companies are drawn to, to experience the light. The symbol—a multi-colored, intricately woven circle with kaleidoscopic properties—balances corporate decorum with visual dynamism, while subliminally recalling the Oxford name, with its embedded “O” and “X”.

The brand was publically introduced at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014, on May 12-15, at the Tampa, Florida Convention Center.

Scope of Work:

  • Qualitative Research (lit review; audits; work session; interviews; executive report)
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Identity (logo)
  • Brand Expression (Look & Feel, including palette and typography)
  • Corporate Stationery System (envelope; letterhead; business card)

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