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Formed from the merging of two giants (and former fierce competitors) in the industry – LaMi Products and ATA Retail Services – Jacent represents the pinnacle of strategic impulse merchandising for retailers in North America. With a client list that already represented the majority of grocery chains, the product depth, logistical capabilities and strength of its merchandiser force as a combined entity would allow it to pursue new retail markets and outlets like never before.

A strong brand presence and brand positioning was required to communicate the services, solutions and value the organization could bring retailers. BrandingBusiness was brought on board to lead the development of the new brand and prepare it for launch both internally and externally with maximum impact.





BrandingBusiness undertook a rigorous set of research streams to understand what retailers (both at the corporate level and store level) see as pain points and are looking for in today’s environment. As the retail industry faces consolidation, shrinking margins, the onset of Big Data, retail companies are looking for ways to remain competitive and retain increasingly tech-savvy shoppers. It became clear that Jacent, with its inherent set of core competencies, could offer a turnkey impulse merchandising solution, incremental sales in-store, and an inspiring shopping experience for busy customers.

This concept of Inspiring Shopping Experiences formed the backbone of both the “essence” of the brand and the Purpose Statement of the organization – delivering a more complete, inspired experience for today’s shoppers by providing and placing the right items in the right places at the right times. The end result is bigger, better, fuller shopping baskets for Jacent’s retail partners.





With positioning and verbal messaging complete, it was time to prepare a brand identity that could match the strong industry position and aggressive expansion that represented the business strategy. “Jacent” comes from the word “Adjacent” and speaks directly to what the company offers – strategic product adjacencies that lead to incremental sales. Think ice cream scoops showcased on the freezer door by the ice cream. A vibrant new logo and visual platform signaled a new beginning for the organization: uniting employees from both legacy companies and energizing relationships with current and prospective retail partners. 

With an opportunity to tell the new story, BrandingBusiness led the development of a completely new, interactive website experience along with a series of training materials that would serve to educate and inspire the employees who would be responsible for delivering on the brand promise. Jacent launched in 2017 at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago – represented by a new trade show booth, marketing collateral and media push driven by BrandingBusiness.




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