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Ironside Group is an IT/Data Analytics consultancy with the enviable status of being an IBM Business Analytics ‘Preferred Partner.’ Ironside had three business challenges: to continue to attract the top consulting talent;  to establish itself as an industry thought leader; and to continue to expand into new markets. To attain these goals it wanted a reinvigorated brand that lent it fresh relevance, immediate cachet, a dash of corporate decorum, and the aura of industry gurus.





Customer research validated business hypotheses and provided insights on the emotional connection to be built into the new brand. The opportunity was to create a brand that: represented the formidable business analytics firm it was becoming, a brand that projected the image of an enterprise-scale business, yet with the tech-savvy, hi–touch client service, and attentiveness of a smaller firm; and a brand that untethered it from the confinement of local/regional association, giving it both the look and the license to expand nationally, if not globally.



BrandingBusiness created a brand that transformed the image of Ironside from a staid, regional, big data consulting house to a contemporary business analytics firm. The new visual identity represented an international personality, applying bold colors, a modern, geometric symbol, and a clean word mark. We developed the tag line ‘Minding Your Business™,’ a customer-centric message that used double entendre to foreground the company’s intellectual horse power and its commitment to its clients’ best interests. On our recommendation, Ironside dropped the descriptor ‘Group’ after its name in order to give it a cleaner, crisper, more self-confident moniker. New interior graphics brought the brand to life in the company’s new office location. The brand launch was built around a new corporate website: content-rich, easy to navigate and clearly communicating Ironside’s expanded offering.


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