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Integro Insurance Brokers is a global, multi-specialty risk management and insurance broker. Founded in 2005, Integro pioneered a new approach to managing risk that allows clients to design solutions closely aligned with their unique business characteristics. The approach enabled the company to grow exponentially and created the conditions to expand the geographic footprint through acquisitions of regional and international specialized brokers.

By the end of 2014, the company had acquired 14 insurance brokers in the U.S. and internationally and needed to update its brand positioning to reflect the expanded value proposition and market reach, communicate its specialized portfolio and increase differentiation in an industry suffering from intense commodity pressures.

After an intense process of internal discovery, competitive analysis and customer interviews, we developed a set of customer personas representative of the profiles that typically were involved with purchasing insurance solutions. Based on these variables, we uncovered that:

  • The personal approach was still a unique differentiator that allowed to serve clients more effectively and build more meaningful relationships 
  • The company’s personnel was recognized for its uncommon expertise
  • The combination between Integro’s personal approach and its uncommon expertise allowed the company to act as influential advocates for its clients in the market and shape the best outcomes by securing tailored risk management solutions that are economically efficient, resilient and adaptive.

We first developed a brand positioning strategy centered around the notion of applied ingenuity, aimed at emphasizing the intrinsic qualities of Integro’s people as premium problem solvers and influential advocates.

We developed a new corporate architecture to communicate the different, specialized practice areas and build brand equity for the Integro brand.

We then updated the corporate logo and upgraded the brand identity system to communicate a more global, solid and approachable company.

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