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Hitachi Consulting

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Hitachi Consulting is a leading global business strategy, operations, and IT consulting firm. The company’s Executive Leadership retained BrandingBusiness in 2011 to accomplish three objectives: evaluate and refine its strategic positioning, help it to clarify its brand relationship to the parent corporation, and give it a unique offer-of-value to differentiate from other offers in the business consulting landscape.

Strategic Insights
Careful review of internal documents, 3rd-party research studies, and client-authored positioning explorations, supplemented by interviews with Hitachi Consulting executives and clients, provided BrandingBusiness with insight into the common ‘brand DNA’ of the corporation and consulting specifically. It also highlighted points of competitive difference that could be marshaled against larger consulting houses like Accenture, BCG, and McKinsey. What linked Hitachi Consulting back to its parent corporation was a shared spirit of innovation, albeit manifested in different forms, spheres, and markets. What separated Hitachi Consulting from its competitors was an ability to deliver—in addition to the requisite (measurable) business performance improvements—an exceptional consulting experience. Hitachi distinguished itself by making the quality of the consultative experience itself part of the deliverable. They made the time and effort to understand the particulars of their clients’ organizational cultures. And, they were often able to draw on deep vertical expertise and thus discourse with clients in their industry vernacular. Hiring client-side veterans makes Hitachi Consulting fluent in the industry language, concepts, history, and trends, indispensable to delivering sound strategic recommendations; smart, precise counsel, and long-term solutions. In addition, Hitachi Consulting was noted for its ‘’roll up your sleeves” work ethic and unique collaborative style that linked strategy with tactics in a way that set it apart. What it needed was a brand that made these distinguishing ‘virtues’ salient.

Based on a foundation of intensively analyzed client research and our own qualitative research, BrandingBusiness created for Hitachi Consulting the Strategic Pragmatist positioning, building competitive advantage around its unique combination of consultation and execution, its distinctive way of partnering with clients, its work ethic, and vertical expertise. BrandingBusiness then brought these concepts to life through brand launch planning, employee training, branded events, and by developing a complete brand expression system, brand voice guide, and a redesigned online experience.

Scope of Work

• Brand Audit, Evaluation and Benchmarking
• Analysis of Existing Research
• Primary Qualitative Research
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Essence
• Visual Brand Expression
• Visual Brand Guidelines
• Brand Voice Guidelines
• Employee Engagement Training
• Online/Digital Experience Redesign
• Ongoing Brand Strategy Consulting

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