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Diagcor is a Hong Kong-headquartered bioscience company established in 2006. The company offers a range of molecular diagnostics (MdX) products, solutions and services. MdX is a fast-growing segment of the healthcare industry related to RNA and DNA analysis. The company’s innovations are used daily in labs across the world for prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, cancer testing, infectious disease identification and parentage investigation. Although the company is an innovator and world leader in its particular specialty, it was missing opportunities because potential customers perceived it as a low-price Asian copycat rather than a world-class innovator. The company launched on a brand revitalisation program to correct perceptions and raise its profile.


Strategy & execution
The rebranding exercise began with research that identified Diagcor’s core strengths and points that would differentiate them from competitors. It was discovered that purchase decisions for its products were often approved by managers with little understanding of the technology. The company’s overly-technical approach needed to be addressed to persuade these key decision makers to act. Following the research process, brand messages were developed and reinforced with commissioned photography that adhered to a specific house-style and appropriate graphic design. A straightforward direct writing style in English, Chinese and Spanish explained each point clearly and concisely. Product information was structured for clarity in the explicit format: What is it? Who is it for? Why is it different? What you need to know and what you get. The refresh of Diagcor’s corporate identity included new tagline to “MdX is in our DNA.” This tagline expressed the company’s dedication to its niche. Indeed dedication and innovation became the main thrust of its communications.  


The refreshed brand identity and design language were applied to a new website, tactical collaterals, tradeshow booths and various other collaterals. In addition to greatly enhanced customer feedback and comprehension of Diagcor among important audiences, the company reported higher staff morale and improved recruiting of key new talent. Diagcor subsequently appointed the same team to help launch a new brand for another biotech venture.

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