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Introduction Summary
cSTOR (formerly Custom Storage Inc. USA) is an integrated solution company for data storage, and the main partners of Cisco and NetApp. After NSB developed a rebranding that achieved a strong brand presence and noticeable company differentiation from the market, cStor then asked NSB for help with strategic communication for the launch of their new product, a consolidated and simplified data storage system called FlexPod.

Communicate the launch of the new FlexPod product and generate and nurture more leads under a very limited budget.

Strategic Creative Proposal
After renewing cStor's full brand identity, we proposed a new, integrated Inbound Marketing strategy: a digital campaign under the concept “Bringing it all together” that would send traffic to the campaign's hotsite by offering tailor-made content about the product’s benefits and how Cstor's services can help companies to reduce their IT costs and increase their efficiency. We optimized their digital communication channels and created what we called “The FlexPod Campaign.” Preparatory activities included the segmentation and nurturing of 14,000 prospects (to be managed by 6 regional managers), conducting a series of two-hour training sessions for sales managers, and supervising executives to learn how to nurture and classify the leads.

The results were remarkable and dramatically simplified the company's sales pipeline, prioritization and time management.

Of all the 14,000 leads that were marketed with The Flexpod Campaign, over 40% engaged leaving cSTOR with trackable traffic of 6,092 prospects.

Of the 6,092 prospects that were tracked, over 2,000 were scored and prioritized for cStor sales managers, enabling them to make direct contact only with those who were more interested in the company's offering.

cStor saved time and money, and increased its awareness among more than 14,000 of its most important leads. More importantly, the client received more than 2,000 nurtured leads for their sales team.

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