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Center for Creative Leadership

Lifting leadership to new heights.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) is a top-ranked, global provider of executive education that unlocks individual and organizational potential. Founded in 1970 as a nonprofit, educational institution, CCL helps clients worldwide cultivate creative leadership through an array of programs, products and other services.

In 2012 the Executive Leadership Team was faced with several barriers to growth, namely repositioning Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) to drive their aggressive financial and strategic growth goals and advance their mission.

Through rigorous research and analysis the Executive Team adopted a new competitive position: Results That Matter: Sustained impact for you, your business and the world. The challenge was now to bring this new brand promise to life visually and implement the new look and feel across the organization.

Strategy & Execution
With a foundation rooted in a well formulated business and brand strategy, BrandingBusiness looked to CCL’s brand attributes to help drive identity development. CCL has a long-standing reputation for being both cutting-edge while also being backed by proven, established methodologies. Furthermore, the new positioning put a larger emphasis on a global viewpoint and how better business leadership can lead to a better world overall.

BrandingBusiness brought this modern, yet refined, and international perspective into play through design exploration. The goal was to be able to demonstrate the idea of uplifting leadership, giving people an emotional entry into the brand. By following this path, BrandingBusiness landed on the concept of “Ascension.”

In the corporate world it represents success, both personally and financially. On a human level, ascension signals growth and reaching new heights through enlightenment and direction. At the Center for Creative Leadership, it means achieving results that matter. When approaching this concept visually, we began to see a form that encompasses direction, alignment and momentum.

It is about collaboration and flight. It is a symbol of an organization helping to lift leaders to new heights.

BrandingBusiness was able to extend the look and feel beyond the logo – defining the brand’s style of: color, typography, photography, graphic devices, etc. The visual language was applied to all global communication and marketing elements from corporate stationery, to website design and sales collateral. An emphasis on a family-system approach allows CCL to maintain strict consistency of application and brand message across all touch points.

The external launch of the revitalized CCL brand occurred in February 2014.

Scope of Work
Brand Identity Development
Brand Expression (Look & Feel)
Collateral Design System
Website Design Strategy
Mobile Design Strategy
Corporate Stationery System
Brand Video
Employee Brand Book
Sales Presentations Marketing Templates


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