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Bringing a European brand to the US.

Background / Challenge
It seems only natural that a country renowned for its cuisine would inspire a company to produce some of the world’s finest cooking equipment. In this instance, a multi-generational, family-owned Italian company specializing in professional-grade ranges and cooking systems came to BrandingBusiness seeking to launch their European brand in the United States.

Although well known in Europe, this established brand, La Germania, had virtually no name recognition in the U.S. Our task was to develop a brand strategy that would generate appeal among consumers and distributors in the U.S. while setting the stage for expansion into Canada, Europe and Asia.

Strategic Insights
In the course of our brand development process, BrandingBusiness recognized an opportunity to start fresh by promoting the company’s core attributes around their family heritage, which included craftsmanship, product innovation and authentic Italian cooking. We recommended that the brand be based on the family’s own iconic Italian name—Bertazzoni—and expressed through historical elements to create a new corporate identity system. To build credibility and demonstrate commitment to the U.S. market, we also created a rich Web experience highlighting their unique heritage and authenticity.

The brand was launched at the industry’s most prominent trade shows and supported by an integrated marketing plan that helped Bertazzoni secure nationwide distribution. In just a few years after their U.S. launch, Bertazzoni was recognized as one of the top luxury brands by several prominent lifestyle publications. Sales have subsequently exceeded projections, and the Bertazzoni brand is now firmly established in the luxury kitchen appliance category.

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