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The new face of Critical Weather Intelligence.

Baron Services is a leading location-specific weather technology company in the United States. Founded in 1990, Baron historically targeted businesses and consumers in highly weather-sensitive industries, including television broadcasters, domestic and international government agencies and public safety agencies. Though Baron had long been recognized for its quality by both the private and governmental meteorological communities across the globe, a lack of clear brand message in recent years resulted in market confusion about Baron’s trajectory and promise of value in the weather space.

BrandingBusiness led the executive team at Baron through the process to develop an overarching, unifying brand strategy, visual brand identity, and an implementation plan to bring this unique, technology-based company back to its roots—and position it for the future.

Strategy & Execution
Extensive internal and external research was conducted, consisting of a vast market analysis, competitive review, executive and customer interviews, employee surveys, and consumer research. The key takeaway was the fact that Baron was founded on a powerful sense of purpose—to save lives via the best severe weather technology and expertise. Its driven culture of science and innovation truly differentiated Baron and its offerings from the other major players in the weather space.

Rising above the prospect of mere brand parity with competitors who had taken position as generalists in the industry, BrandingBusiness isolated a platform on which Baron could communicate its truly unique value as a specialized provider of “Critical Weather Intelligence™”. Baron’s world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to collect, interpret and display real-time, hyper-local meteorological information so that those who depend on the most precise weather intelligence for their safety and livelihood have access to professional grade decision-making solutions. 

With a solid platform that internal audiences could rally behind and share with customers and prospects alike, BrandingBusiness then took the necessary steps to bring the brand to life through visual brand identity and a simplified brand architecture and product nomenclature strategy. Serving as an ongoing consultant, BrandingBusiness continues to work with Baron on its digital strategy, marketing communications roadmap and future business planning. 

Scope of Work:

  • Research and Brand Positioning
  • Core Statements and BrandLine™
  • Strategic Roadmap & Action Plan
  • Brand Architecture & Product Nomenclature
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website Design & Strategy Consulting
  • Brand Launch Planning

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