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Solidifying a strong service brand.

BakerCorp is the leading provider of industrial tank, pump, filtration and trench shoring rentals. With over 100 branches operating in the U.S. and Europe, BakerCorp sought to solidify their strong service brand and expand their reputation beyond legacy perceptions as a tank rental company. The company targeted aggressive growth plans and placed an increased emphasis on branding and marketing the evolved capabilities of BakerCorp to its primary audiences.

Through a series of workshops, interviews and primary research, BrandingBusiness uncovered an internal culture of highly dedicated and expert employees that offer services well beyond that of the competition. The customer research proved that BakerCorp is respected in the industry and known for their expertise, great service and breadth of product offering. The “people” of BakerCorp were identified as a true differentiating component and needed to be included as a key element of the evolved brand positioning. The new brand strategy leveraged Baker’s strengths and heritage in the tank industry while effectively preparing them for growth in the expanded product categories: pumps, filtration and shoring.

The brand positioning informed a refreshed visual Brand Expression, which preserves the genuine and hardworking spirit of their employees while conveying the premium nature of their expert services. The new brand and visual elements will be utilized in completely new collateral, brand advertising and the website.

The focus of the new brand is helping to differentiate BakerCorp on its high level of expertise and service as other equipment rental companies compete aggressively on price. Brand advertising is reinforcing the company’s position as the industry’s leading service provider. As the employees are central to the BakerCorp value proposition, the recent ads are being used to engage BakerCorp’s hundreds of employees in the new brand, expressing appreciation in their hard work and instilling pride in the level of service they provide.

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