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Merging industry leaders under a new vision and name.

In July of 2012, Georgia Gulf announced plans to merge with the commodity chemicals division of PPG – an event that would create a new entity of Fortune 500 scale, with annual revenue opportunities of in excess of five billion dollars. Beyond the significant operational synergies, the transaction would allow the company to become a global leader in the chemicals industry, with a uniquely scalable business strategy. The event called for a suitably unique name, visual identity, and corporate brand to herald the birth of this new entity and represent the persona of the new business.

Strategic Insights
It was clear, early on, that this seamlessly blended organization would have a uniquely scalable business strategy, organized along two dimensions: the vertical integration of core material production with finished product manufacture; and the resources to diversify its portfolio 'horizontally' by adding new chemistries (upstream) and/or new end-use products (downstream). It was also clear that GGC's formidable building products business was a proof point for the beneficial, every day applications of its core chemistry, one that it could incorporate as a plank in its future brand platform, and leverage as a new 'ambassadorial voice' for the chemistry industry.

Brand Solutions
BrandingBusiness created the brand name 'Axiall,' based on a real word with a rich history of use in both chemistry (axial flow, axial bonds) and construction (axial plans). Not only did it set the company apart in its category, where acronyms and eponymous names abound, it was a 'verbal image' of the business strategy, with its vertical and horizontal axes, standing for integration and diversification. To the name was added a new, vision-based tag line, 'at the intersection of chemistry and progress'—and both were visually reinforced by the new Axiall word mark. A vertical column of letters, the unique placement of the double ‘ll’ at the bottom of the logo symbolizes GGC and PPG’s commodity chemicals business blending together to form Axiall.

The merger of Georgia Gulf and PPG's commodity chemicals business was approved, their Board of Directors affirmed the new brand, name, tag line, and identity. On January 14, 2013 Axiall went public.



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