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Introduction Summary
ATANOR is the fifth largest chemical company in Argentina and one of the most important in the local industry, with more than 70 years of history and a strong bond with employees, distributors and clients. 

The company had already started an in-depth, internal reorganization and one of the key objectives was to update their corporate website. This is where NSB came in as their marketing support agency. Ultimately, we not only helped them build a new website but revamped their entire brand strategy and developed a new brand identity system for them.

This exemplifies NSB’s philosophy: We go beyond what is simply asked for and identify what truly is needed.

We were selected by ATANOR to rebuild their website. However, after understanding their history, current communications and future plans, we determined that ATANOR really needed a revamping of its brand identity and an improved marketing messaging, as well as to keep pace with changes in modern design and show an updated digital presence. After our initial strategic assessment, we presented a comprehensive project scope that addressed each of their needs, while keeping in mind that ATANOR is a significant brand in Argentina, a leader in the agriculture and chemical industry and a national historical organization.

Our objectives were to modernize the brand, revamp its messaging, improve their digital communications, create a more attractive story about its heritage and set the path to a brand new future for its marketing actions.

Strategic Creative Proposal
Our work included internal research, interviews with the board of directors and key internal members. In addition, surveys were conducted with their distribution network to help identify ATANOR's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, not just in term of the brand's messaging, but also surrounding its positioning statement with its main stakeholders.

We conducted brand research in other brand categories and a market analysis of ATANOR’s competitors and consumers.

After these studies, we developed a new positioning statement, a new company logo and an entirely new brand identity system, including an interactive website. We redesigned all of their advertising and promotional materials, created new branding for their key products and built an exciting launch campaign to present the new brand to distributors and clients.

In sum, NSB delivered a fully integrated brand strategy under the concept “Passion for Production” (“Pasión por Producir”).

The launch of the new brand identity was announced at a special event at the Faena Arts - one of the most exclusive hotels in Buenos Aires - where distributors, clients and the press gave great feedback about ATANOR’s new branding.

The president of the company, Marcelo Dumanjó, personally thanked NSB for the great job we achieved. Thanks to our results, NSB continues to work with the company on numerous projects such as internal communication programs, advertising, digital and media services for their agribusiness products. 

For NSB, we are proud and honored to be part of such an important and historic brand in Argentina.

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