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AMN Healthcare

Creating clarity, awareness and structure.

AMN Healthcare has evolved over 25 years from its small beginnings as American Mobile Nurses into the $1 billion diversified healthcare staffing and services company it is today. A series of acquisitions had also brought with them a myriad of legacy names and brands that existed without structure or connection.

The demand for healthcare is growing. Long-term workforce shortages in virtually all licensed clinical professions rank as the top concern for hospital administrators. The US faces an acute shortage of healthcare professionals over the coming decades as demand outpaces supply.

AMN Healthcare’s message was buried. It had no visibility. As a result, people were unclear about who AMN Healthcare was. This was particularly problematic for shareholders and investors who needed to understand the scale and scope of the company and its vision, customers who needed more integrated services and were unaware of AMN Healthcare’s breadth and depth of services, and employees who needed to understand what they were part of.

Strategic Insights
In temporary or permanent staffing AMN Healthcare has the ability to connect customers to the largest, most diverse network of qualified physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the industry. The company’s ability to make the right connections, the inspired connections, is unrivalled. We saw this as the strategic essence of the company and the defendable platform on which to build the brand.

AMN Healthcare has a voice and a brand to move its business forward. A new corporate identity proclaims AMN Healthcare’s stature and leadership by building on the company’s ability to make inspired connections. A structured brand architecture unifies key business brands such as Merritt Hawkins, Staff Care and RX Pro Health within a managed identity system while allowing them to remain competitively focused and nimble. A clear, motivating brand story has been developed for AMN Healthcare to communicate to employees and customers through a brand video, trade advertising and the company website. Today, AMN Healthcare is established as the clear and unequivocal leader in healthcare staffing industry.


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