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Branding a Corporate Division

The continuing trust and loyalty of customers is what every business trades on. That trust is based on both tangible and intangible elements – the quality and reliability of its products and the continuing innovation necessary to keep both its products and the corporate brand strong and relevant.

A strong, well-managed corporate brand is essential in the B2B world. It defines how the enterprise makes strategic sense as a whole, a key investor message, and also makes an important customer promise of reliability and innovation that underpins the performance of individual business units and product groups. But they, in turn, must also have the flexibility and tools to compete in their competitive market environments.

How do marketers in a division of a large corporation balance the visibility and value of a strong brand with the marketing needs of their business segment in which competition may be fierce and focused?

How does American Airlines Cargo utilize the power of the airline brand to successfully compete in a highly-fragmented, commoditized market? How does Toyota Industrial Equipment leverage the power of the Toyota brand to become America’s # 1 lift truck company in a market with entrenched competitive brands?

BrandingBusiness has been trusted by AA Cargo and Toyota Industrial Equipment, as well as Teledyne Controls and Sharp Solar, to help their marketing teams carefully leverage the appropriate attributes of the corporate brand within a highly-focused Value Proposition and go-to-market strategy based on a comprehensive assessment of the market segment.

Ultimately, it all comes down to a question of context and balance between the marketing needs of the corporate division, the relevant attributes of the corporate brand and the competitive opportunity within the business category.

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