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Internal Brand Adoption

The success of any branding or rebranding assignment lies heavily on an organization’s ability to incorporate the brand into its internal culture and garner acceptance and understanding from its employee base. Without proper adoption of the brand internally, the underlying promise that accompanies it can never be truly delivered.

BrandingBusiness guides its clients through a process with its employees that follows the path of: Hear, Understand, Believe, Live – taking them on a journey from awareness and understanding to engagement and delivery of the brand promise. Tactical planning and execution that begins long before external launch ensures that we create Brand Champions who will take action to build the brand – communicating it with the consistency and enthusiasm that will make it a long-term success.

BrandingBusiness supports the Internal Brand Adoption process through:

-          Internal Brand Launch Planning
-          Brand Touch Point Audit and Assessment
-          Leadership and Employee Training
-          Operational Process Refinement
-          Human Resources Integration & Tools
-          Brand Introduction Campaigns
-          Launch Event Planning and Production
-          Educational Materials (Videos, Books, Manuals, FAQs, etc.)
-          Employee Wearables/Gifts Design and Production

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