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Creating a New Brand A Tale of Two Launches
Our B2B brand strategy firm recently underwent a transformation. We’re now BrandingBusiness after 20 years as RiechesBaird. We launched our new brand name on May 12th, 2014 after months of hard work … More
What Is Branding? Its Part of Your Organizational DNA
Having recently swallowed a brimming tablespoon of our own medicine—that is, having both authored and accomplished the rebranding of our own firm (RiechesBaird is now BrandingBusiness)—I’m inspired t… More
How Monastic Principles Can Inspire Brand Devotion
August Turak is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive and award-winning author who attributes much of his success to living and working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey since 199… More
Crossing Borders with John Deere Building a Brand Through Citizenship
John Deere, the world’s largest agricultural machinery company, is well-known in North America, Western Europe and other areas but it sees great opportunity around the world as the demand for food co… More
Rebranding a Branding Company
After 20 years as RiechesBaird, we are now BrandingBusiness.  This is a big change that reflects our company’s growth and our aspirations for the future. We believe B2B executives and business leader… More
Welcome to BrandingBusiness
Welcome to BrandingBusiness. Every day our team at BrandingBusiness  works with B2B companies that are struggling with major business issues. Whether it’s redefining a mission, repositioning a busi… More
Creating Killer Brand Messaging
A critical point in brand development is always translating brand strategy into relevant, engaging messaging that accurately represents a B2B brand personality. To ensure messaging is conveyed well,… More
New Booz in New Bottles PwCs yes Brilliant Renaming of Booz and Co
It was a big news story in the B2B branding world, but it was one that sounded like a joke: “Accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers completed its acquisition of management-consulting firm Booz &… More
Telling a Powerful Brand Story Starts at the Top
Brendan Eich’s 10-day tenure as CEO of Mozilla is a reminder that a CEO’s personal values, particularly in the age of social media and transparency, should be in sync with the corporate brand. Mozill… More
CEOs CMOs Its Good to Be Bad
We have a saying at our B2B brand strategy consultancy that has guided us over many years in our work with leading brands: “The narrower the focus, the stronger the brand.” Lately I’ve been contempla… More