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The Powerful Role of Purpose in Times of Change and Industry Upheaval
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How To Use Brand To Drive Organizational Change
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Leonardo Da Vinci and the art of the deal
Can you put a price on art? The fact that someone has just paid $450.3 million for a painting, the highest price ever paid for a work of art in auction, suggests you can. But was this eye-popping p… More
How teamwork builds the best brand identity programs
Whether it’s designing an identity for a multinational Fortune 100 company, or a start up in Silicon Valley, I’m a big believer in the team approach. And when I use the word “team” it includes client… More
The New Role of Branding in Healthcare
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Escaping The Legacy Trap: Using The Brand To Manage Change
Businesses come and go.  Some flare like shooting stars on a clear summer night and then disappear; others linger on the fringes in constant search for glory.  And then there are the very few that in… More
B2B taglines. Do you need one?
The other day, a client asked me a great question: what is the purpose of a tagline, and what trends or commonalities do we see in the B2B world? We have developed many of what we call Brand Lines (… More
How words become names and names become something uniquely different
In the arcane world of name creation, we namers organize the landscape into four territories.• Descriptive names (International Business Machines, General Electric);• Metaphorical names (Apple, Cater… More
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If you’re looking for a read on how well your brand is performing, you’ll be interested in this quick test. It’s simple, and will take no more than 10 minutes. It consists of 10 statements to help yo… More