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Don't Make Presentations. You've Got a Story to Tell
Every once in a while you run across an article or story that hits home. Dennis Nishi’s recent article in The Wall Street Journal (To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story) is one of these. Business exe… More
Think Differentiation: Brand Positioning
One of the most critical requirements for creating brand preference and loyalty is having a differentiated position in the marketplace. Every brand consultant preaches a focused positioning strategy,… More
The New Rules of Corporate Branding
All successful companies change. They grow and evolve, often far beyond the business origins that made them successful in the first place. Corporate rebranding programs are undertaken to communicate … More
Brand Lines: Tagging Along No More
I’ve written several times in this space on the topic of ‘tag lines’: those short, pithy statements that often appear at the tail end of a corporate signature. I’m not sure what the etymology of the … More
5 Steps to Internal Brand Introduction
A successful brand launch is not possible if the brand is not first successfully launched internally. Gaining employee buy-in, and ensuring every individual in the organization understands how they c… More
3 Growth Plates for Destination Branding
Rob’s professional passion is partnering with small business owners to help them move forward with their strategic initiatives. He has more than 25 years of diverse business & leadership experi… More
Before and After the Brand The Value of Brand Research Part Two
In my first post as part of this series, I covered exploratory brand research. In this post, I will talk to brand validation research. Brand research is an invaluable piece of the brand strategy puz… More
Leveraging Who You Know to Define Who You Are 3 Things That Define Your Point of Distinction
Your brand is a single point of distinction. Employees live this in everything they do and deliver. Customers know you for this based on their experience working with you and exposure to your ongoing… More
Rebranding as a Leadership Tool
For an industry that lives in a fraternal glass house, brand practitioners have surprisingly little reticence about casting huge metaphorical stones at each other. Aided and abetted by reporters loo… More
Breaking Brand 10 Warning Signs That May Warrant Revisting Your Brand Strategy
Throughout the years, we’ve heard many different reasons as to why B2B corporations decide to re-brand or revisit their brand strategy. Here are my top 10 signs it may be time to consider refining yo… More