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Alan Brew

Founding Partner

Alan Brew, a founding partner of BrandingBusiness, brings 30 years of international corporate branding experience with some of the world’s largest brands and leading design agencies to the company and its B2B clients.

Previously a principal at RiechesBaird, Alan believes in the visceral power of words and images to help companies experiencing change--whether evolutionary or abrupt--- to achieve strategic clarity and tell powerfully convincing stories about who they are, what they stand for and where they are going. A seasoned, go-to brand strategist, Alan has developed corporate branding and identity strategies for AAA, Chevron, ABM-Amro Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Korea Telecom.

Alan describes himself as an accidental brand strategist. Before entering brand consultancy, Brew was a senior writer and editor with the Financial Times of London. While there, he met brand design legend Walter Landor, who convinced him that business journalism was a perfect training ground for the world of branding. In 1985 Alan joined Landor Associates as Managing Director Europe to open the company’s first international office in London and lead its expansion across Europe. While driving band strategy engagements for Alcatel, Barclays Bank, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, among other brands, he came to understand what Walter Landor believed: The epitome of a great corporate brand is its ability to tell powerfully original stories and communicate ideas that inspire, convince and persuade.

In 1992, Brew was promoted to Landor's headquarters in San Francisco as executive director worldwide. There he managed global resources on international projects for a number of clients. Brew then co-founded Addison, a San Francisco brand strategy and design company, where his clients included AirTouch, Bank of America, Chevron USA, Bancomer of Mexico, Edison International, Intelsat, PG&E and RBC Financial.

A knowledgeable and eloquent speaker, Alan has been tapped by numerous conference groups and journalists to speak or comment on branding. He also co-hosts a podcast interview series with marketers and other B2B experts.

When he isn’t branding businesses, Alan is writing, blogging, and searching for books he hasn’t read about Shakespeare.

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