The Leading Brand Strategy Agency Dedicated to Building B2B Brands


BrandingBusiness is the world’s leading brand strategy agency focused exclusively on creating powerful B2B brands built on technology-driven insights, strategic clarity and breakthrough creative ideas.  


For more than 20 years we have helped B2B companies around the world find opportunity in change and achieve extraordinary business success through the inspirational power of brands. Today, the velocity of change and business disruption is greater than ever. Product innovation is quickly copied and commoditized. It’s becoming harder for companies to find sustainable competitive advantage.

The new age demands a new approach. It demands fresh, creative thinking and smarter tools.

Our Brand Performance Platform™, a powerful, analytics-based research engine specially engineered for B2B brands, has been built to meet the needs of the new age. The BPP is one of many research tools we use to pinpoint optimal brand strategies and take the guesswork out of brand creation and sustainable development.

We also know that strong B2B brands deliver an emotional impact.  Built on data, they live in the hearts and minds of people.

That’s why our purpose is, and always has been, to inspire greatness.