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Post-Recession Branding: Research Findings to Support Your B2B Brand Strategy

Ryan Rieches

What are the general thoughts around branding strategy post the recession? RiechesBaird CEO Ryan Rieches talks with Bill MacElroy, CEO and Founder of Socratic Technologies, to discuss the findings of a recent global study which gathered insight from senior marketing and business executives around their attitudes towards branding and their key areas of focus in terms of branding over the next 18 months. During the radio show, MacElroy explores key findings of the study (focused specifically on B2B) including:

  • How the term “branding” has been overused and misunderstood and how more people are beginning to understand the difference between brand development and branding tactics like PR and advertising.
  • Corporate views on when to outsource brand strategy and when to do it in-house.
  • Most often, brand strategy firms or brand consultants are sought when there is a major event — a merger, acquisition, new product launch, etc.
  • The top 5 branding priorities of B2B companies over the next 18 months.


  • Mark L Zumwalt said:
    January 12, 2017 1:01 AM
    Fantastic podcast. I am always trying to improve the section I work for within the Los Angeles Department of water and power/electrical construction. I'm looking at my sections purpose, vision, mission, core values, goals and objectives based on past, present, and future business practices. Since I am data driven and believe in not re-creating the wheel, using industry comparisons in benchmarking to track and guide progress I am interested in the results of this survey featured in the podcast. This podcast was very clear on top branding goals. You have been bookmarked and gained a fan.