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Teledyne Controls

Rebranding a division of an established company.

Teledyne Controls is the original and leading provider of wireless data connectivity equipment for the global aircraft industry. With the approach of a significant tradeshow – the Paris Air Show – Teledyne Controls sought to capture the attention of the event’s C-level attendees and the industry at large with a compelling value proposition that capitalizes on the important role its products and solutions play.

At the same time, through acquisition and internal development, Teledyne had accumulated a wide portfolio of products without a consistent customer-facing message to communicate the solution they offered. The products were organized by internal division and did not reflect the larger value proposition. The portfolio was difficult for customers to navigate and, worse yet, difficult for salespeople to talk about in a consistent manner. In addition to a larger brand strategy engagement, BrandingBusiness was asked to analyze and rework the product brand architecture.

As the first company to use wireless technology to allow airlines and aircraft manufacturers to transmit data without using physical transfer, Teledyne Controls has a strong reputation for innovation among its customers. The efficiencies gained over the traditional manual methods of transfer allow Teledyne’s customers to capitalize on the aircraft data gathered, turning it into usable intelligence. This concept, and the product line that is central to the solution offering, became the focus of Teledyne’s brand strategy and product architecture.

The reorganized product brand architecture is centered on its revolutionary solutions, shifting the focus from product features to Teledyne Controls’ expertise. The new focus allowed Teledyne to fully embrace a provocative visual Brand Expression that builds on Teledyne’s reputation for innovation.

Armed with a compelling value proposition and powerful visuals, Teledyne Controls launched the new brand at the international Paris Air show in June 2013. A significant sales opportunity was won soon thereafter, which leadership attributes in part to the new brand strategy. The new brand, core statements and exciting visual imagery are helping to energize Teledyne Controls’ hundreds of employees, while attracting the attention of industry publications.

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