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Branding real estate’s best.

Founded in 1992, KBS has become one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world. With multiple affiliated companies, brands and audiences, KBS sought the help of BrandingBusiness to develop a master brand strategy and relaunch KBS in the marketplace with renewed clarity and differentiation.




Success Worth Sharing.

In the highly regulated financial marketplace, marketing claims relating to performance are highly scrutinized. To understand the rational and emotional brand drivers, comprehensive research was conducted across key audiences including investors, financial advisors, financial institutions, real estate brokers, tenants, and employees. BrandingBusiness prioritized the audience mix and found a compelling common thread which led to the development of the BrandLine, “Success Worth Sharing.” True to its founder’s philosophy and corporate purpose, KBS is deeply devoted and uniquely capable of delivering successful outcomes for all of its clients, investors and employees.




Communicating at the highest level.

In order to launch KBS’ refined story and signify a change in the organization to both employees and the marketplace, BrandingBusiness evolved the company’s corporate signature and developed a completely new way to communicate the brand visually. The new visual and verbal branding was launched in 2015 with the unveiling of a completely new and interactive website experience – complete with a brand video featuring leadership speaking to the firm’s value proposition and culture like never before. To ensure consistency going forward, BrandingBusiness also prepared a comprehensive set of property marketing templates and extensive Brand Guidelines.





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