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Adding personality to personalization.

Background / Challenge
Ivoke’s parent company, Liberty Synergistics, is the category leader in the development and distribution of photo consumables and print imaging equipment. With the market declining in film based imaging, the organization sought a diversification strategy capitalizing on its vast knowledge and expert fulfillment capabilities.

Strategic Insights
BrandingBusiness orchestrated research to determine market acceptance, segmentation, and the relative value of a strategic partner who could parlay its industry knowledge, sourcing and fulfillment capabilities into a personalized product design experience that creates new value and unlocks demand for channel partners.

Subsequent steps included brand strategy & positioning, our corporate visioning process and, most visibly, name and identity development. The name Ivoke was selected and is based on the word “evoke,” meaning to call to mind, bring to life or invoke. Ivoke helps tell the self-expression, memorializing and personalization story; the guiding factors behind the company’s business model. The corporate identity brings the brand to life in a similar manner.

Confirming the market acceptance through research and clarifying a substantial brand promise allowed Ivoke to secure relationships with attractive channel partners who are seeking to monetize their audience and build loyalty by offering personalized products on their website.

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