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Children's National

A refocused strategy for children's health.

Background / Challenge
Children’s National Medical Center has served children in the Washington, DC metro area for over 135 years. Under new leadership, the organization had recently experienced a period of rapid expansion and diversification while experiencing: unprecedented changes in healthcare, aggressive competition and consolidation among hospitals and care providers.

The challenges and opportunities called for a wellarticulated brand strategy that prepared the organization for success through differentiated positioning, clear brand architecture, revitalized visual and verbal identity and a well-informed internal roll out and external marketing strategy.

Strategic Insights
Working with a Brand Steering Team comprised of Executive Leadership, BrandingBusiness orchestrated a strategic brand assessment process that included qualitative and quantitative research. With the intent to inform and validate a business planning process currently underway, BrandingBusiness benchmarked the awareness, attitudes and perceptions of the organization’s internal and external audiences and its primary competitors.

A key insight emerged as we prepared the brand for the future. The name Children’s National Medical Center was seen as a “place” yet the organization had significantly expanded beyond the original hospital. As a much bigger idea, Children’s National Health System emerged with Children’s National recommended as the brand name.

Research confirmed that Children’s National could own a territory not claimed by primary competitors. As an organization focused exclusively on the care of children, the unique combination of expertise, experience and advocacy were confirmed as the primary brand attributes. Final positioning focused on the notion of Champions – We stand for children: We champion their health. We advocate their cause. We protect their future.

To bring the brand to life visually, an evolved corporate identity system was created and applied to a comprehensive nomenclature and architecture system. The brand was introduced internally and externally during the fall of 2013.

Scope of Work

“I attribute the great success we’ve had this year to the strong foundation laid by BrandingBusiness – both in its research methodology and its strong partnership with me and my team to ensure a strategic and effective evolution to our brand. Success metrics attributed to our redefined brand include: 50% increase in donations and 18% call volume, year over year for the same period. I recommend them without reservation.”

Carol Keese
Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing
Children’s National Health System

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