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Establishing a US product presence.

Background / Challenge
Bosch is one of Germany’s most established brands. After having successfully entered U.S. market categories in automotive, power tools and large appliances, the company sought to introduce its line of small appliances into U.S. retail channels.

Strategic Insights
The challenge for BrandingBusiness was that Bosch had unsuccessfully attempted a similar launch just a few years earlier. The industry remained skeptical whether Bosch’s European product line would be successful in the U.S., and if Bosch would continue to invest in the U.S. business.

Although Bosch large appliances were gaining market share, the company’s name was known primarily to American consumers as a brand of automotive-related power tools. BrandingBusiness leveraged this insight by showcasing products designed by Porsche, emphasizing the combination of German engineering and aesthetic design.

BrandingBusiness created a clear brand strategy and developed an integrated marketing launch at the International Housewares Show. The effort included a new booth, retail displays, advertising, collateral and Web site.

Our comprehensive PR program resulted in trade and consumer media coverage worth $3.3 million within the first year. Ultimately, the result for Bosch was a successful placement of their product line with upscale retailers, in addition to consumer pull-through that exceeded projections.

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