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Rebranding for growth and global recognition.

Background / Challenge
Beroe is an international procurement intelligence company with specialized lines of consulting services including sourcing, risk and green/environmental analysis.

The ambitious young company had an aggressive growth strategy and needed to take its perceived image from that of a small and emerging firm to a significant global player and thought leader.

Strategic Insights
BrandingBusiness conducted a comprehensive research process that provided clarity on new strategic business initiatives. After evaluating the company’s strategic brand opportunities, BrandingBusiness created a brand based on Beroe’s core competencies, unique offerings and personality attributes.  After clarifying the brand position, BrandingBusiness also created a new identity, tagline and comprehensive brand expression to help communicate the brand and grab the attention and interest of its target audience.

BrandingBusiness helped Beroe to unveil the new brand to its 300 international employees in Chennai, India, who met the new direction with a renewed sense of pride in the company. As the new brand launched externally, efforts specifically targeted Chief Procurement Officers within 6 specific industries. At the Procurement Leader’s Forum in Chicago, Beroe showcased their new brand through their exhibit booth, advertising and sales collateral—generating a wealth of new business opportunities. 

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