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Bastion Security

Delivering on a brand promise of confidence.



BASTION Security was born of the merger of and CamGuard, Inc. The companies came together in 2015 in order to serve businesses whose critical, at-risk assets are situated out of doors and to overcome the limitations of traditional approaches that make use of on-site guards.





BrandingBusiness was retained to develop a brand that synthesized the best of both businesses and positioned the combined entity to compete more effectively, as a single organization, for West Coast business opportunities, from Southern California to Washington.




What emerged from our discovery work was a compelling value proposition, based on a new security surveillance paradigm. Unlike traditional approaches to site security and asset protection, which make use of onsite guards (with all of the attendant limitations, risks, and costs associated with them), Bastion combined and deployed human and technological assets in a new way: operating from remote control centers, professionals drawn from law enforcement, surveillance, intelligence, and even the military. Using the latest technologies, could more efficiently and effectively secure, defend (and deter) against trespassing, theft, property destruction, and threats to night shift employees. The technology maximized the skills and extended the reach of Bastion’s security professionals, while they, in turn, supplied what the technology could not—expert judgement, experience-borne intuition, and sharp decision-making.





BrandingBusiness created a muscular name, Bastion, meaning “an impenetrable fortress,” especially one that harbors valuable assets. The tag line was a form of reassurance to the would-be client: ‘You’re covered’—your best interests are represented, your assets are protected, and your people are safe. BrandingBusiness complemented the name with a strong visual symbol, based on the overhead silhouette of a Renaissance fortress. Cast in red and black, the identity was designed to resemble a traditional security badge, drawing on rich and relevant vocabularies, both ancient and new. The ultimate outcome was a confidence brand, representing a business that has replaced ancient, manned turrets and towers, with today’s best technologies and human tenacity.


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