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AllCare Health

Healthcare’s new brand promise. 

In 1994 a group of dedicated physicians and care providers in Oregon came together to create a simple mission: “to work together to provide quality, cost-effective healthcare for our communities.” Mid Rogue Independent Physicians Association (MRIPA) was born. Today, this commitment is as strong as ever. But as the company grew and expanded, the organization got complicated. New services were introduced, operational divisions were established, brands sprang up. It became increasingly difficult to explain what the organization did, what it stood for and, critically for people in the communities, how to access services.

The healthcare industry as a whole is undergoing profound change. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 has sparked many mergers and acquisitions, and providers and payers seek efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Against this background, the state of Oregon introduced a revolutionary plan in 2012 to transform the Oregon Health Plan system through Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) to provide better health, better care and lower costs for the population they serve. MRIPA was ready to seize the opportunity and establish itself in physician-led healthcare and plans for its Oregon communities.

Strategic Insights
Research confirmed that MRIPA customers and partners struggled to understand its brands, healthcare offerings and choices. The opportunity and need were clear: create a simple, powerful brand that unified its brand portfolio and crystallized its unique promise to make healthcare better for communities and the people of Oregon.

Based on extensive research, BrandingBusiness created a brand strategy and an embracing identity system that captures the true spirit and commitment of the organization and its people. AllCare Health was born, with the new brand line, “Changing healthcare to work for you.” Together we created an inspired vision where care is made simpler — delivered by physicians, and supported by passionate services and people dedicated to changing healthcare.   


  • Empowered partnership with stakeholders, employees and communities.
  • Differentiated value proposition.
  • Breakthrough creative image and messaging.
  • Integrated marketing/digital content plan that’s driving exposure and interest. 

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