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Escaping The Legacy Trap: Using The Brand To Manage Change
Businesses come and go.  Some flare like shooting stars on a clear summer night and then disappear; others linger on the fringes in constant search for glory.  And then there are the very few that in… More
B2B taglines. Do you need one?
The other day, a client asked me a great question: what is the purpose of a tagline, and what trends or commonalities do we see in the B2B world? We have developed many of what we call Brand Lines (… More
How words become names and names become something uniquely different
In the arcane world of name creation, we namers organize the landscape into four territories.• Descriptive names (International Business Machines, General Electric);• Metaphorical names (Apple, Cater… More
Give your brand a quick health check for 2017
If you’re looking for a read on how well your brand is performing, you’ll be interested in this quick test. It’s simple, and will take no more than 10 minutes. It consists of 10 statements to help yo… More
Successful brand strategy is built on action
“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.” Many times during the course of my business life I have come face-to-face with Carl Gustav Jung’s simple truth. Tactics and strategy are vital for s… More
London is Open and The Rise of the City-State Brand
“London is the best city in the world.” This bold and slightly provocative statement considering the venue, echoed around the trendy WeWork’s office in downtown Manhattan a few weeks ago. The messeng… More
To re-brand or to re-position: that is the question
A well-crafted B2B brand positioning strategy should stand the test of time. How long your brand lasts is usually a sign of how well it was conceived, how relevant and durable it is, and how well it … More
BrandingBusiness Global - Responding to client needs
The majority of our B2B clients serve international audiences. Emerging technologies have facilitated market expansion at unprecedented levels. The world has quickly gotten smaller. The velocity of c… More
In defense of jargon
Living in such a fragile glass house as I do on the crystal estate of branding, I hesitate to pick up stones and cast it at others over the use of jargon for fear of breaking a few of my own windows.… More
Is Glasers iconic I Love NY being dethroned by I Love Brooklyn?
Brooklyn – the greatest country in the world! These were the words that greeted me as I stepped inside Luigi’s Pizza, finding relief from the scorching summer sun.  I had just moved to Brooklyn after… More