Best Branding 2013
There are endless blogs on what the best branding identities of 2012 were. Check out some interesting thoughts on best branding and enjoy some hypothetical ones as well. The site Brand New weighs in as well.

But what is the definition of “best” and what can we expect for the B2B brands of 2013?

Design has become critical to the success of B2B brands. Gone is the idea that consumer branding is exciting and creative and B2B branding is corporate and boring. Corporate brands are more inspiring that ever, more creative-minded and more daring than ever. Clients are more astute in their understanding of how the design esthetic empowers, motivates and propels their brands forward.

Over my next three posts,  I’ll provide a definitive perspective and insight on how to succeed at building great B2B brand identity systems — getting an identity that meets the highest esthetic standards while having referential ties to a master business strategy.

Here’s what to expect from my three-part series:

Part I: What is the design criteria for creative excellence and what makes a great logo?

Part II: What does it mean to say that a logo maps to a business strategy and becomes a symbol of that strategy?

Part III: The perfect case and point.

So, stay tuned…great things to come. And, if you have suggestions or points you would like me to address, please comment.