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In many past posts we have discussed how company culture plays a critical role when it comes to brand success. How a company’s culture is lived out by its leadership and employees and how that culture is then perceived and shared by stakeholders and customers can hold great value for a brand. A brand that places this belief above all others is Zappos.

Zappos is all about delivering WOW experiences not only for its customers, but even more so for its employees. Because bottom line, your internal employees are your brand’s gatekeepers. Your employees are the ones talking with customers day in and day out. Your employees are the ones answering their questions, servicing their needs or handling their problems. Knowing this, your employees must be passionate about your brand and your brand’s culture, trust your brand and want to do whatever it takes to uphold that brand value.

In the book, The Zappos Experience written by Joseph Michelli, Zappos employees were asked to explain the Zappos Experience, what it means to work at Zappos and what delivering WOW means to them. Here are a sampling of some of those employee statements:

“It’s not about selling merchandise. I don’t even think of us as a retailer. To be honest, the Zappos Experience is about wanting to change the world and the way people are treated in business.”

“Put simply, it’s the freedom and the expectation that you will do the right thing for people.”

The employees at Zappos work hard and play hard. They live out their 10 core values. They share their individuality and their unique talents, but they also embody strength in numbers and the power of a team, a family. They put the customer first at all times and they truly listen to the customer. When you really listen, you can learn a lot and make a connection that can secure a customer for life. Take this story for example:

A customer called Zappos to order shoes and while in conversation, the customer loyalty team member overheard children in the background. The customer loyalty team member and the customer got to talking about the kids and their ages. While on the phone, the customer loyalty team member picked up a card and crayon at her desk, wrote the customer a card thanking her for choosing Zappos and had a couple boardgames sent to the customer’s house. Note: Picking up on small things with customers can be very rewarding. Always be listening.

Zappos CEO desk

The leadership team at Zappos does not hide behind closed doors or sit in corner offices. Nope, the leadership team sits in cubicles among all other employees.

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